TinyTask 1.77: Free Activity Automation Tool For Windows, Mac and Linux

TinyTask is a brand-new software application that has been developed to record the windows activities of your computer.

Further, this application is available for free. So that anyone can download and use it free of charge.

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TinyTask is a simplified process automation tool that will help you autopilot certain types of your day to day computer works.

In simple words, this tool can record the activities that you perform on your Windows computer and repeat it.

So when you record activity with the TinyTask, it will process that activity into the macro form.

As a result, you can cut down a significant part of your repetitive works with the help of this amazing application.

What Is TinyTask?

TinyTask is a lightweight application that only requires an insignificant amount of space (roughly about 35Kb) to install it on your PC.

The latest version of the TinyTask application supports operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.

So that, it has given access to the application for a wide range of users all around the world who uses different Operating systems.

As you can understand by the name of this software, it is only for minor tasks (Tiny Tasks).

Therefore, this application may not be suitable for highly complicated automation tasks.

Further, you do not need to have much technical knowledge to operate this application.

It will begin the automation process with one click in the application.

Therefore, you do not have to go through some of the complicated procedures such as scripting to automate a task.

Also, the interface of the application is straightforward, and you will not get into any trouble while operating the app.

Further, all the options of the TinyTask application are centralized to a single-window interface.

So that navigating through this automated program is super easy.

As a result, all you have to do is open the application and record your activities to automate them.

That is also one of the main reasons for TinyTask auto clicker to gain massive popularity over a short period of time.

When you are recording the activities with this application and repeat a task, you have the option to set the play speed.

So that, you can set the speed according to your PC performance and avoid your PC getting stuck due to a higher speed automatic operation.

Application Package Information

Application NameTinyTask
File Size35 Kb
Content Rating3+
Supported PlatformsWindows, Mac and Linux
Supported VersionWindows 7 and Above

Download TinyTask

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Why is TinyTask one of the Best Automation Tool?

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One of the main reasons for TinyTask to gain such popularity is that it offers to use the software free of charge.

Also, it offers an exceptional number of features that even paid software does not provide (e.g., 15 times).

More importantly, this program allows you to perform a particular recorded activity automatically for any amount of time.

Further, you can set the play speed at any time (i.e., even while the application is in the process) clicking on the settings tab.

speed setting panel

Another popular option in TinyTask is setting the keyboard hotkeys for different features in the application.

So that you right away hit the keyboard hotkey and execute the feature without navigating through the application.

How to Use TinyTask Software?

Below is a simplified guide to how you can use this software application to automate your minor tasks.


Firstly, Download the TinyTask application and install it in your PC as you install any other general software application on a computer.


Then you can open the installed application.


Now, you can see the single panel option bar of the TinyTask tool. So, click on “Rec.”

application home screen


After that, perform the activity that you want to automate. (e.g., opening and closing files)


Then, click on the “Stop” button to stop and complete the recording.


Then click on the “Play” button. Then the activity will happen automatically as it would do by a Real Human operator.

playback option

That’s all you have to do. Further, you can replicate the same procedure above on any PC like Macbook, Chromebook, Windows PC, or Linux PC.

What are the Activities that TinyTask Could Automate?

Below are some of the example of activities that you could automate using the TinyTask Software.

  • Open a pre-determined media player and play music.
  • Open and close files and folders.
  • Web browsers opening and visit a specific website.
  • Transfer files from one location to another.
  • Open the software and applications that you have installed on your PC, etc.

Let’s say that you have a bunch of files and you want to compress them using an application such as WinRAR or 7-Zip,

So, you have to perform that activity once and record it using the TinyTask program and set it to happen automatically for any number of times you want.

Once you have recorded and activity, make sure to play it once and ensure that it has been recorded according to your specific requirement.

Otherwise, a little deviation could lead to improper automation.

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How TinyTask Works?

As we have mentioned earlier, this is a process automation tool.

So once you recorded an activity using TinyTask, you can save it as a macro file and use it at any time when you want to perform that activity automatically using this tool.

Further, it is recommended to rename the saved macro file with a name that you will remember the activity recorded in that file.

Otherwise, when you want to find the saved file to automate a particular task, you will find it challenging to find the right macro file.

So in that way, you can just open the saved file and repeat the automated task.

TinyTask Features (Review)

You can use a recorded file for any number of times to repeat the same task again and again.

Therefore, you will not have to record the same activity for more than once unless you want to make an alteration for the activity.

The single paneled application interface makes it easy to operate the program for any user.

So that, you will not have to look for here and there for different options and make yourself confused with the software.

Generally, you do not need any guide or tutorial to use TinyTask. However, if you need any assistance, you can click on the help button on the app for clarification.

Sometimes you may find that the guidance given in the help section is not that helpful.

However, they will help you to perform your task for up to some extent.

There are certain instances where the media player installed on your computer may try to open macro files as the default file opener.

So, in that case, you can right-click on a macro file and select the TinyTask as the default opener app for macro files.

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One of the other important features in this app is that it allows you to save the recorded files in Rec format.

Also, you have the option to combine multiple macro files and create a .exe file as well.

So that it will help you to recreate individual files again when you want them back in the individual file forms.

In addition to that, combining feature will help you to carry all your individual files as a single file.

Therefore, chances are very lower that you will miss out on files individually.

Final Words

The latest version of the TinyTask 2024 is compatible with many operating system versions.

Further, if you are a Windows user, you can use this software on both 32-bit and64-bit versions of the operating system.

One of the main advantages of TinyTask is that it will cut many of your time-consuming activities and save a lot of your time.

Unlike many other apps, this application does not require a higher level of system requirements to use it on your PC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TinyTask safe?

Yes. The application 100% clean. we have verified the installer file with the VirusTotal technology

Is TinyTask a virus?

No. TinyTask is a Process automation tool

Is TinyTask free?

Yes. it s freelt available for download and use

How to use TinyTask on keyboard?

All you have to do is set keyboard hotkeys as shortcuts

Can i use TinyTask as a portable application?

Yes, You can use it on Portable drives like flash drives

What are the alternative applications for TinyTask?

Some of the close alternatives to TinyTask would be AutoHotket and Jitbit Macro Recorder

How to use tinytask on Roblox?

You just have to record the Roblox activity and play the activity to repeat it

How to download tinytask for android?

TinyTask is a PC application. therefore it is not available for Mobile.

How to use Tinytask for boxburg?

Simply record the Boxburg activity using this software and play it

how to stop tinytask?

The default shortcut to stop TinyTask is Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R.

how to make tinytask keep repeating

In settings, you can make the number of times that you want to repeat the activity.

Is TinyTask a Hack?

No. The TinyTask is a simplified Computer activities automation tool and it does not involve in any kind of hacking

What is TinyTask APK?

This is a fan made android application to automate Android Activities

How to Fix TinyTask not opening issue?

Please restart your computer and then re-open the TinyTask.exe executable file