TinyTask Portable: How to Download and Use It?

When it comes to PC software applications, there are two types of software.

First one is installable software another one I portable software.

tinytask portable

Installable software usually requires you to run an installer file and complete an installation procedure.

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What Is TinyTask Portable?

TinyTask portable is the default TinyTask software application.

In other words, portable applications do not require any installation process.

So that, you can just download the executable file and run the application.

As a result, you can store it on any device and launch it whenever you need it.

For example, you can have it in your flash drive, external hard drive, cloud drive and run it without installation.

So it is really convenient for the TinyTask users to use the portable application as they do not have to go through any installation procedures.

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How to Download the TinyTask Portable Application?

You can download the TinyTask portable application from the download section of this website.

The application file size is 35KB, and you can instantly get it on your computer.

Once you have downloaded it, you will have to unzip the zip file.

Then you can find the executable file in your download folder.

So just open it to start your computer activities automation process.

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How to Use TinyTask Portable?

Once you have launched the portable application, you can operate it with the help of the options bar.

There are few options in the options bar like Record, Start, Stop and Play.