TinyTask Macro Recording Software: What is It and How Does it Work?

TinyTask Macro recordings software application is a program that works with Macros.

If you have ever worked with Microsoft Excel, you might have already known that the Macros are used in Excel as well.

However, if you are using Excel, you have to have good knowledge about the Macros in order to use them with Excel to create an automation workflow.

What is TinyTask Macro Recorder?

You can use the TinyTask Macro recorder to automate manual computer tasks that you perform using your keyboard and mouse.

For example, if you copy-paste something from one location to another, you can get the TinyTask Macro Recorder application to automate it for you.

This automation application is portable software, and therefore, you do not have to do any installation on your computer.

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How to Use TinyTask Macro Recorder

Once you have downloaded and opened the TinyTask Macro recorder app, you will see a one-panel option bar in the dashboard.

So there are few options like “Record,” “Play,” “Stop,” and so on.

When you want to automate a certain activity on your PC, you have to first click on the “Record” button and then perform the activity.

For example, it could be anything like opening and closing a web browser, playing music, copy-pasting and etc.

You can use the TinyTask Macro recorder to automate them all.

When you want to repeat the same task to happen repetitively, you just have to set the number of times that you want to repeat it in the application.

Then the application will perform it automatically.

When the TinyTask application is in operation, you can see that your mouse cursor moves automatically on your screen as you do it manually.

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